Miguel Almeida

This page is the one that, ...

... typically, one uses to present the list of amazing things he does and did, a kind of flashback, a résumé of his virtues and achievements to date.

(sigh) : )

To cut the long story short and use the content I already have online, if you really want to know what I've been doing while we were running around the Sun, well, my LinkedIn profile already has much of that journey: www.linkedin.com/in/mjnalmeida.

What about the contact info, dude?

Ok. If you want to contact me you can write directly to miguelalmeida@miguelalmeida.net or, if you prefer a voice channel, you may find me on Skype as migueljnalmeida.

Finally, if you're into Google's +1, I also have a profile there, an initial but very promising version : ) ... You'll find it at plus.google.com/...

And enough is enough about myself. Go ahead and read the latest Notes ; )