Information security projects and activities

  • Definition of corporate security policy frameworks for financial institutions (global scope);
  • Design of a Strong Authentication solution for the Portuguese banking system, in the context of a shared project for all banks via SiBS — an EMV-CAP solution;
  • Security assessments and penetration testing of Internet and intranet services and infrastructures, from the viewpoint of networks, systems and applications;
  • Design of corporate security strategies and architectures, including policies, standards and procedures, applications, systems, networks, and communications administration;
  • Design and implementation of security control systems, namely, communication filtering mechanisms, contents and virus, and vulnerability assessment and intrusion detection systems;
  • Design and implementation of secure remote access mechanisms to corporate networks;
  • Design of applicational security architectures and mechanisms, in the context of distributed systems;
  • Design and implementation of Public Key Infrastructures (PKI);
  • Intrusion detection patterns definition, active monitoring and response to security incidents;
  • Security departments support, solving occasional problems, in the context of their daily field work; and
  • Information systems security training of internal resources.

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