SSL for less than 7 Euros

SSL for less than 7 Euros?! Yup...

As part of the activities that I've been developing for AP2SI I've just found this. And I couldn't resist sharing.

Yes, it's true that the cost of digital certificates is not, typically, very small. And this is one of the factors that have conditioned the widespread adoption of SSL on web servers, even though this mechanism would allow the authentication of those services, and would ensure the privacy of customer communications.

(The cost is not the only factor limiting the adoption of SSL, but it's surely a major factor, along with the performance.)

If you want to build more confidence in your Internet websites, or even in your intranet sites, Comodo has an offer with an unbeatable price, an offer that doesn't add the same degree of confidence of an EV certificate, but that may be sufficient to meet your requirements.

Interested? Ok: PositiveSSL, through Namecheap, for less than €7.00 per year: