Erasing Mona Lisa

SDelete: Peeling to the bone

Did you know that when you delete a file it actually stays on disk, that references are deleted but the content, the bits and the bytes, are still stored on the drive? And that anyone who accesses the machine, having the right tools, can retrieve it quite easily?...

If you want to delete the contents of a folder or a file, either on a disk or USB stick, you have to use a different tool – sending it to the trash and emptying it, as strange as it may seem, is just not enough.

There are several programs that can help us in this task. This time I chose SDelete, a very simple program, a useful tool for those using Windows machines, and, moreover, a tool that is for free: It's included in the Sysinternals selection that is maintained, nowadays, by Microsoft itself.

Want to give it a try? Surf to