[OT] Desperate for last-minute gifts, are you?

The context: You're stuck because you have to offer a gift to a child or an adult geek but you're out of ideas, and you don't want to spend a pile of money on it. Is this the scenario? Ok. Follow me:

  1. Go out and buy a USB stick. Choose a nice-looking but small one. Five Euros, more or less. If you find a cheaper one, as long as it can hold about 1GByte, it will do just fine;
  2. Buy and download machinarium, a gem among puzzle games (!) It's not really new but I think it's not a well known game, and it costs about eight euros – a bargain! Finally,
  3. Copy the game to the stick, wrap it nicely, and add a great Christmas card ; )

What if the person already has the game? You should ask someone who knows this before buying it. What if she doesn't like it? Bad luck. Don't follow my advice again! : )