"Jey what??"

Jey four vee vee four dee. Or J4vv4D. Or, taking advantage of his self-assigned cognomen, The cynic.

I'm not sure if he is a well-known superhero in security circles (he probably is) but I found his art just recently. And as Fernando Pessoa would say about Coke, Primeiro estranha-se; depois entranha-se : )

Without further delay because it's very late already, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with a taste of this artist's work: Passwords : )

If you like the appetizer you may want to continue and browse the entire collection. The address? It's available on the Mother of all networks at j4vv4d.com (or, if you prefer Vimeo, like I do, you should go to vimeo.com/infoseccynic).

Do enjoy!