Update and backup (Post-it)

If there's one thing I like to do...

... on an Autumn Saturday afternoon, after realizing that updates were released for (almost) all machines that I have to manage, if there is one thing I like to do is to spend many hours updating and backing up...

Twenty-six machines (!) A set of physical and virtual systems, Macs, Windows and Linux. Lots and lots of fun! :p

Seriously, these are the most boring things we have to do to keep our computers fine-tuned, to address the software vulnerabilities, and to ensure that we are able to recover in the event of a failure.

Are they boring? Yes, they are boring (!) But we have to do them. Once in a while, yes, we have to do them.

My recommendation? At least once a month. At the very least. But it would be better if we did at least once a week.

Go on, put them in your agenda... ; )