How about using the Internet to broadcast funerals?


Stafford Borough Council, which runs the crematorium on Tixall Road, said webcams were being installed in the chapel, along with a new music system.

It said mourners who were too ill or too far away to attend in person would be able to watch services by entering a Pin code.

Anthony Evans from the council said internet security would prevent people from intruding on other services.

He said an 80,000-track music database would allow families to choose songs to play at funerals, without having to search for them at such a difficult time.

Mr Evans said the technology would allow families to have a more meaningful funeral.

in Stafford council launches funeral webcam.

I guess the next step would be to put a cam inside the coffins to peek from time to time...

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(The pic shows us a crematorium in Auschwitz. Credit is due to the author)