CodeV. By Dogædis

CodeV. By Dognædis

My thanks to Dognædis for sponsoring this week's Notes on Security. Thank you!

Dognædis is a company that acts in the area of Information Security, with specialized training, that develops a great number of services with cutting-edge technology and highly specialized resources.

Having the mission to provide information security to organizations and individuals who understand its intrinsic value through the excellency of innovative solutions, Dognædis won this year the sectorial BES Innovation Award in the area of Information Technologies with the launch of their newest product: CodeV.

CodeV, a static code analysis framework, aims to ensure a high security level both to those who produce software, as well as to those who buy customized software. Being a system that has intelligent algorithms, it allows us to detect a wide range of problems, namely database violations and authentication system intrusions.

Simply put, this is an intelligent agent that understands how software works and detects any security issues, firing alerts, producing reports and giving instructions for a quick resolution of identified problems. Moreover, it can be easily and fully integrated with the development lifecycle.

During CodeV ́s validation process a number of vulnerabilities in open source software were detected and published, and that, more than representing Dognædis' contribution to the community, demonstrates the system's high detection capabilities.

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