Google Chrome

Accuvant Labs: "Chrome is the most secured browser"

The report concluded:

Browsers have become complicated, multi-content, multi-purpose applications in recent times. They are no longer primitive HTML parsers. New functionality has brought on new security concerns, which are currently being addressed by the iterative process of updates to each browser’s codebase, as well as deterrent technologies such as exploit mitigation and URL blacklisting.


In conclusion, overall browser security needs to be considered when attempting to compare browsers from a security standpoint. Drawing conclusions based solely on one category of protection, such as blacklisted URL statistics, doesn’t give a valid perspective on which browser is most secure. Instead, they should be considered in the context of other mechanisms such as anti-exploitation technologies and malicious plug-in protection, which play a more important role in protecting end users from exploits and persistent malware. By these measures, we believe Google Chrome to be the web browser that is most secured against attack.

in Browser Security Comparison: A Quantitative Approach.

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