Security Books

6 Books about Security (+2)

Me and Bruno Morisson decided to put together a short list of books on security, now that we're approaching the holiday season and there's still a pile of cash to spend, and share it here. The 6+ are the following:

  1. Beyond Fear – Schneier ( |
  2. Security Engineering – Anderson (uk | com)
  3. Hacking Exposed – McClure; Scambray; Kurtz (uk | com)
  4. No Tech Hacking – Long; Mitnick (uk | com)
  5. The Web App Hacker's HB – Stuttard; Pinto (uk | com)
  6. A Hacker Odyssey – Goldstein (uk | com)

In addition to this special security short list, I decided to add two more works, two books that can inspire us in these troubled times we're living in. They are:

  1. Linchpin – Godin (uk | com)
  2. The Element – Robinson; Aronica (uk | com)

Et voil√†, c'est tout. I hope these references are useful and... have fun! ; )