WEDNESDAY: Confraria. Lisbon. 18:30. Free

Another meeting of the Confraria Security & IT, this time dedicated to IPv6.
The relevant information in brief:

  • Will be held at TB Store, in Lisbon, on Wednesday, the 20th;
  • Starts at 18:30 and ends at 20:00 (Lisbon local time);
  • Admission is free;
  • Manuel Pata will do a quick introduction to IPv6;
  • Francisco Guerreiro will tell us about the attacks on v6 and v4; and
  • After the meeting we'll go to Medeia, just around the corner, and we'll continue to talk while we eat some steaks and drink some beers.

Want to join us? Great! Informal registration right this way:

(Note: That logo in the picture is not official and not everyone likes it. But as there's a lack of a common branding, and while no one gets upset, as that logo was made be me, I'll just keep using it : ) ...)