Cyber Europe 2010: The report

It just came to my attention that the report for this exercise has been published, a subject I had written about some time ago. I was waiting for the results with some expectation.

Frankly, to be honest, the document doesn't add more details to what we had read here and there, and I cannot say, truth be told, that it brings insight and substantive value.

Yes, indeed this was the first joint exercise, and yes, it was an initiative that aimed to strengthen ties between the representatives of the countries that participated, and yes, there is still a way to go. Ok. This was predictable. However, a few more details would enlighten us all about what really happened, and which aspects, if any, must be improved.

Well, it's just my opinion. And yes, the document also makes some recommendations that are worth something, of course.

You be the judges. Read it here: Cyber ​​Europe 2010 – Evaluation Report, with compliments from ENISA.